Christmas with the Monchhichis                          

Monchhichi Christmas 2013
Monchhichis at the christmasmarket in Heidelberg 2012
Christmas Monchhichi Elf village 2012
Christmas with the Monchhichis 2011

Monchhichi Christmas 2013

Monchhichis love to celebrate christmas.
Here you can see some pictures out of their christmas photo album 2013.

Merry Christmas! We are looking forward to unwrap our presents.

A lovely chain for me. Thank you japanese Santa.

My first headband. Thank you german Santa.

Miffy loves the colourful chain from the japanese Santa.

Oh, look she got a new muffler from the german Santa.

Thank you dear Santa!

Wow, I got a new camera.

I love my new camera.

I am so happy about the leather notebook, because I collect notebooks.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Hello Santa! For me?

A wonderful bag. Thank you Santa.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Christmas with the Monchhichis 2011

Christmas Preparations

We should send our friends nice christmas cards

Mmmh, what should we write?

First  I should  prepare my pen with my  pencil sharpener


That is so funny!

Yes, that is so much fun! 


In Germany it is a tradition, that a child has an "Advent calendar" (in german: "Adventkalender"). 
It is a calendar with 24 windows, which should be opened by the child from December 1 till December 24.
Every window contents a candy. The Monchhichis look forward to open a window everyday.


Oh, what is it?

Oh, look a piece of candy :o)


In Germany most families have an “Advent wreath” (in german: “Adventskranz).
It is a wreath out of fir twigs and decoration material plus 4 candles.
The 4 candles stands for the last 4 Sundays before christmas (December 24).
During those 4 weeks before christmas, the candles can be lighted up, but only one per Sunday.
That means in the first week only one candle can be lighted up and
after the second Sunday in the second week a second candle can be lightend up and so on.

Some historians are of the opinion, that a german protestant pastor and a pioneer in urban mission work named
Johann Hinrich Wichern (1808–1881) was the inventor of the modern Advent wreath.
During Advent, children at the mission school “
Rauhes Haus“, founded by Wichern in Hamburg,
would ask daily if Christmas had arrived.
In 1839, he built a large wooden ring (made out of an old cartwheel) with 19 small red and 4 large white candles.
A small candle was lit successively every weekday during Advent.
On Sundays, a large white candle was lit.
The custom gained ground among Protestant churches in Germany and evolved into the smaller wreath with four or five candles known today.
Roman Catholics in Germany began to adopt the custom in the 1920s,
and in the 1930s it spread to North America.

Source: Wikipedia

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus 

We drive to the Northpole... meet the other Santas

Oh, it is very cold today.

Every year we have to plan, who of us travel to which part of the earth to deliver the presents.

Santa Claus has Mrs. Claus who helps him to deliver the presents to the kids
and my partner is my beloved angel who helps me.

Santa and his angel ♥

In the moment I work alone, but maybe someday I will meet my Mrs. Claus.


What a nice decorated room!

Here are the presents!

Hello, every year I help Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus to deliver the presents.

I looooooooove it!

This is my friend Mr. Snowman. He is so cool, hehe :o)


A big thank to my two friends in HK and Japan without whom I could not show you those two cute christmas Monchhichis (and the baby below) .

This is my daughter. She will help me in the future.

I have a lot of fun, to watch wonderful ornaments. I like that one!

Do you know, what I like to do?

Come with me

This is it! I love to arrange presents as surprise for the kids.


We check, if everything is well prepared for the kids.

What do you do?

Oh, I watch the wonderful arrangement of Mrs. Claus

Tree check

Horse check

Everything is checked and everything is ok - Departure!

By bye! See you next year at Christmas
Happy New Year!

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