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Merry christmas to everyone in the world.

I created this christmas-page, because I like christmas

since I was a child.

My birthday is at December 20th and 4 days later Christmas happens.

I always had schoolholidays and today I try to get my vacations

during these days.


I love...

...christmassongs, like the one you listen to

... the kind of decoration at christmas

... the christmas-gifts

... the christmas-baking

... the christmas-tree

... the christmas-markets


Christmas with my Monchhichis


Look at my Monchhichis at Christmas, arenīt they cute?

01. Advent

02. Santa-chhichi on his way (animated)

03. Santa-chhichi

04. Santa-chhichi in the snow

05. Santa-chhichi and his horses

06. Santa-chhichi at christmas

07. Monchhichis at christmas 1

08. Monchhichis at christmas 2

09. Christmas 2002

10. Bebichhichi Christmas 2004  

11. Christmas with Maron 2004  

12. Christmas with Maron 2005 

13. Christmas with Maron 2006 

Here you can see the official Monchhichi christmas collection :  
Santa 2000 

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Iīm always happy to send and to get christmas greetings.
If you want to say hello you could send me an






... and I wish you all a Happy new year. Please click here

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