What is Easter?

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What is Easter?

Easter is a Christian feast and holiday celebrating the resurrection ofJesus Christ.

Like other Christian festivals it extends beyond the church.

Easter customs in Germany

Since its origins many Easter traditional games and customs developed,
such as egg rolling, egg tapping and egg decorating:


Today Easter is commercially important, through wide sales of greetingcards and
confectionery such as chocolate Easter eggs, marshmallow bunnies, Peeps, and jelly beans.

In Germany, decorated eggs are hung on branches of bushes and trees,
which are also called Easter egg trees:

 Eggs also used to create Osterbrunnen:

At Easter Sunday children traditionally hunt for easter eggs,
which have been mysteriously hidden all over the house and garden.
 Parents tell their children that eggs and other treats suchas chocolate eggs or rabbits, and marshmallow chicks (Peeps),
have been delivered by the Easter Bunny in an Easter basket, which thechildren should search for.

Source : Wikipedia

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