Monchhichi friends visit a shoe shop               

Welcome to my shoe shop!

I have a lot of different shoes here.
For example stylish ones...

 ...and sporty ones.

Here you can see the slippers which I offer.

Very modern summer shoes with a special painting from Heike.

Monchhichi boots.

At the following photos you can see an assortment of
3 pairs of Heike Design shoes:

Heike Design flip flops in purple.

Heike Design flip flops in red.

Heike Design flip flops in blue.

Oh, hello may I help you?

We are searching for some new shoes.

I think I like the red Heike Design flip flops.

Should I try them?

They look gorgeous. I like them and I take them.

I like the purple Heike Design flip flops.

They fit perfectly. Oh, I will take them.

I love the twinkling and coloured stones.

Here I show you the blue Heike Design flip flops.

Very cute!

I am looking forward to new Heike Design shoes.



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