We have the year 2012.
Great Britain celebrates the Queen's 60 years throne jubilee and
the Olympic Games in London.
So the Monchhichis certainly also wanted to be british :o)

The union Jack Monchhichi couple is a limited product
by the Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Tokyo. Only 250 boys and girls are published.
My dear friend Kaoru presented my this couple and I am so happy about it.



Here you can see the number of each Monchhichi.
The boy is number 13 and the girl is number 23.

The both really look cute, but I wanted to give them a bit more british style,
so I added some items. At the first photo you see the couple as they were originally sold 
and at the second photo you see my change:


Here you can see the lovely details of that british chain:


The Monchhichi couple certainly visited London in 2012

They met a british guardian!

May you take a photo with us?

Our London keepsake photo ♥

I like the red double decker buses.

I love the red telephone houses.

Oh, isn't it wonderful?

...and they are so high!

Wow, Big Ben!!
London was fantastic!

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