Hello we are Ronja and Birk.


This is our room for playing and sleeping and...


... having a cup of tea with a piece of cake.



We also have a birthcertificate which tells us,
that our birthday is November 11, 2004.



Everyone who had a Bebichhichi could registrate it in 2004
with a name and birtdaydate like Ronja and Birk.
And then it was possible to print a birthcertification.


Good night Bebichhichis!


An afternoon in the sun.


If you want to see us celebrating christmas you should go to the next page. Bye Bye!

Birthday Greeting Cards

 8 years now! Time passes so quick.

Wow, it is really unbelievable,
that the cute Bebichhichis are 7 years old now.
I remember, when they were published in 2004
and I got my first couple (Nov.11, 2004)
which you can see

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