Mohair Monchhichis



The first series of Mohair Monchhichis were produced in 2002 in shape of a boy (20 cm)
and one year later in 2003 in shape of a girl (20 cm)
as limited and numbered pieces in celebration of the 28th and 29th year anniversary.


He and she wear a puzzle pendant matching the necklace of each other.
When the pendants inerlock, they form a lucky charm that will bring great happiness.




Together with the Monchhichi I got a wooden box,
a black stand and a bib plus the golden puzzle pendant.






In the boxes is a "Certificate of Autheticity" and the limited number.



                                             At each Monchhichi you can see the number at the tag on the bag




                                              The Monchhichis have a print on the back of the food.




The Mohair Monchhichis really love each other.
Check it out and try it with "mouseover"



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