Monchhichi Catalogs

My Mini Catalog " Monchhichi Mode Boutique", 1978
Catalog Sheets of "The Original Boutique Monchhichi", 1980

MCC Express since 2002
MCC mode, 2004

My Mini Catalog "Monchhichi Mode Boutique"

Since Ive bought my first Monchhichi girl in 1978 I own a little catalog.
In former times every new Monchhichi has such a little catalog at her or his arms,
like the orange labels today. I scanned the whole catalog and here you can see it :

Look how small the catalog is!


Catalog Sheets of "The Original Boutique Monchhichi"

These are sheets of 2 little catalogs which I got when I bought the original clothes
of the eighties for "Groom and Bride" and "Indian Brave" :







MCC mode

A catalog, which is not for sale.
It is a catalog with photos of all Monchhichis from 1996 till 2004.
I got it as gift some years ago, when I bought Monchhichis at a shop.
By Sekiguchi 2004.


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