Monchhichi Express



In the year 2002 the first Monchhichi Express was published.
It is a small catalog in japanese language with about 7 pages.
It is not for sale and is only available in Monchhichi shops
in Japan and as far as I know Hong Kong.

It always contains nearly the same things, as :
the newest Monchhichi items plus the information of the prices,
informations about Monchhichi festivals/anniversaries/projects,
sometimes a picture quiz or Monchhichi comic strip,
Fan Voice (a page where fan photos are shown),
a list of Monchhichi shops in Japan.

My Fan Voice adventure

In 2004 I had the luck to be a part of the Monchhichi Express world.
A photo of me was published on the "Fan Voice" page at the Monchhichi Express vol.7
After the issue was published I got a package from Sekiguchi with a thank you-letter plus
a Sweatshirt with a Monchhichi print and two issues of the Monchhichi Express.
I did not expect it and thought, that this was very cute.


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