Maron in Germany 



My name is Maron and I live at the home of Hiromi in Japan. From April 2004 till December 2006 I studied in Germany as exchange studend. I changed the living place with my friend Lotta, who lived at the home of Heike in Germany during that time period. Here you can see the first photo of me in Germany. I collected all the photos of me in Germany and want to show them to you.

Maron's German photoalbum :

Page 1 May 2004

Page 2 May - September 2004

Page 3 December 2004

Page 4 January 2005

Page 5 March -August 2005

Page 6 September 2005

Page 7 December 2005

Page 8 April 2006

Page 9 December 2006


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Photos of Maron at the Homepage of Hiromi


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