2001: A Space Odyssey

Right in this moment you are a witness how the ancestors of the modern Monchhichis,
like we know them today, make their first steps by learning to handle tools.
As you can see our brave Monchhichi boy uses a bone of a Mammoth Elephant.
His sister wears a smaller bone as decoration for the hair of the head.

Music will start in a moment!



Hello, we live in the desert under the red mountains.

When a wild animal comes I can defend us. Look!




But I also like to dance with my stick and I shout wildly.


How do you like my hair-decoration? I create it by myself!



 Do you know the movie 2001-Space Odysee from Stanley Kubrick?
I thought of the apes in the beginning of the movie when I created this couple.
You hear music which was used for this movie.

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