I must confess, that I am wild about technical gizmos and gadgets.
And so it was only a question of time since I would get an iPhone 4S.
My husband and I, each of us, have one for the first time and I can say,
that it is really a lot of fun...oh yes and you can also phone with it :o)
The Monchhichis discovered the new iPhone also and I would like to show that to you. 

Oh, look my photo is the wallpaper on the starting page.

lt has a photo and videocamera at the back and the front.

l like the iPhone case Heike has choosen. It is so romantic.
Heike says: Since I have the iPhone I discovered a whole new world of
iPhone cases at the internet. There are so many different ones, wow!
My first one is from Cath Kidston, one of my favourite designers.

Wow, a lot of apps! Let us try some.

l found the app "Garageband". I can really play piano and it sounds great!

Ha ha and I try the drums. Too cool!

Let's check Heike's facebook page for news.

Look a lot of new notes and photos.

Cherry says: Yeah, this is my Cherry page at Heike's website.
Now I can always look for updates.

Let us read a digital Beatrix Potter book.

I like all the colourfull apps...

...and they glow in the dark, haha :o)

I love to make photos of me with the inner camera.

And then I design a Purikura photo with a special app. What a great fun!

 Let's make a photo of us two...

...and I create also a Purikura photo.

This is my husband's iPhone with a special case...

... which is the U.K. flagg. A "MUST" this year (2012), hehe :o)


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