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Happy Horses (Sunday, October 30, 2011)

   One day we found this horse family and immediately began to film and  take photos of them.

Captive Balloons around my home (Sunday, October 02, 2011)

I've made this video out of the favourite photos which
I had taken of captive balloons during the past years.
These balloons are a common sight at my area,
mostly during summer, but sometimes at winter too.
Often they are passing at such a low altitude above my home,
that I can greet the passengers by voice.

First sounds of spring (February 01, 2011)


I am always excited to hear the sound of a blackbird. It reminds me of spring and summer.
This year I have heard the first one in January!  

Petit Dolls (September 22, 2010)

Petit Doll sketches and paintings by me with the music of my dear husband Ralf.

Nachtfahrt (August 9, 2010)


This is a video which I made during a drive at night through Frankfurt/Main with my husband in 2007.
Unfortunately I had my camcorder not with me, but a digital photo. I filmed our ride with my old digital photo Kodak EasyShare C743.
The video consists of 25 short Quicktime movies, which I added together.
I reduced the runtime of each movie separately to get the total time which I needed.
The music is composed and played by my husband Ralf Grote .

click at the image to watch the video hat youtube

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