Suzi Blu

"You are an artist", Suzi says so!

During my travel through the internet for new inspiration in art I discovered lovely .
First I watched her videos , which are a mixture between modern art and teaching creativity course.
I am still excited to view her little films which are edited in an amazing way.
Next step was to enlist me as student at Suzi Blu's Le Petit Academy .
This was the first time for me to be a member of an online school.
And it is GREAT! I joined the "Petit Doll Beginner" workshop and have fun since then.
 The principle is, that if you enlist yourself for a workshop you could download all teaching videos of this one workshop
during a limited time (semester) of some month.
After the workshop is closed, you can watch the videos still on your computer forever.
I like her way, to encourage people to do art: "You are an artist", Suzi says so!

Love you Suzi!

Here i s one of her many fabulous videos. I can recommend to watch more of her videos warmly to you.

                                                                                Here is a video out of my "Petit Doll" sketches and paintings with the music of my husband Ralf

Here you can watch the amazing art which my fellow students created :

Find more photos like this on Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy

Visit Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy

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